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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 1 Episode 12 123Movies

Watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 1 Episode 12 online free from 123Movies. This episode belongs to Super Dragon Ball Heroes tv-series. you can also watch the other episodes of this season by clicking Next or Previous button under the player. Hearts, Zamasu, Oren and Kamin arrive at Universe 7 to destroy it but only to be stopped by Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, 17 and Future Trunks. Oren and Kamin head for Vegeta but as Oren attempts to attack Vegeta, Android 17 saves him while Piccolo stops Kamin from attacking. 17 and Piccolo fight Oren and Kamin simultaneously while Trunks fights Zamasu. Goku struggles to get up but is being pulled down due to Heart’s gravity ability. Meanwhile, in Universe 3, Cooler, in his metal form, is fighting Cunber. Eventually, Cooler turns golden and defeated Cunber using three energy blasts which severely damages him prompting Cooler to flee. Back in Universe 7, Oren and Kamin fuse into Kamioren. Hearts powers up as Goku stands up, ready to fight again.

Episode Title: Calling All Super Warriors! Universe 7's Decisive Battle!

Air Date: 2019-06-22



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