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Casshern Sins Season 1 Episode 14 123Movies

Watch Casshern Sins Season 1 Episode 14 online free from 123Movies. This episode belongs to Casshern Sins tv-series. you can also watch the other episodes of this season by clicking Next or Previous button under the player. As Casshern takes his leave, Ringo, while crying, chases after him seeing how disturbed he is. A band of wandering robots then picks Ringo up telling her that all the robots which were going forward are going to meet Luna and that Casshern too is there to seek salvation. But upon ending up there, Dio’s army was already there butchering all of the robots who place faith in the name Luna. Ohji through life and limb charges in and saves Ringo from being killed, but still end up cornered by Dio’s army. It is here, Casshern, Friender and Lyuze finally come to the rescue. Dio makes his appearance and duel Casshern who this time has a reason to live: to protect all the weak and those ruining. While the battle ended in Dio’s army retreating, in the shadows of countless robots a female figure in the middle calls herself Luna.

Serie: Casshern Sins

Episode Title: Truth Illuminates Darkness

Air Date: 2009-01-07



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